Achieve High Performance as a Leader in an Unprecedented Time



The single most important thing a leader must do is produce results.  Your track record, and credibility depend on it.  In fact, it is the single biggest reason why leaders lose their jobs. If you’re going to be successful in producing results, you must have a strategy (plan), and you must be able to execute that strategy. The companies that outperform their competitors by 10x maintain a pace of execution performance that allows them to deliver consistent results and break through barriers.  The leaders of these organizations consistently get results through focusing on, managing, and maintaining one number. 

This number is the Execution Performance Score (XPS). XPS measures your ability to hit that target both in terms of results and the key activities that lead to those results.  Simply put, XPS measures the amount of energy and engagement you’re putting against your strategic targets and if you’re on pace or not. Without XPS, you are flying blind; but with XPS, you gain visibility and transparency over your most important goals.

Who should attend: Anyone who is in charge of getting results to survive and thrive amidst the changes.

Platform: Zoom

In this 90-minutes session we will discuss:

  • The current and expected business challenges in 2021
  • Your high-level strategy (priorities) to deal with those challenges
  • The potential challenges to execute your strategy in 2021
  • How to focus on less targets to achieve more 
  • How to leverage your team’s efforts to achieve the desired results
  • How to engage your team in the game 
  • How to create accountability to stay agile and effective in times of uncertainty
  • The Execution Performance Score (XPS) as a key metric to predict your success 

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