Join us on February 24th for our live webcast: Build Your Future Leaders in a Challenging Time

We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change; organizations and teams are being faced with fast-moving changes like never before. Your leaders are facing new challenges, re-prioritizing needs, making complex decisions and – on top of all that - handling your team’s related challenges through it all. This process can be overwhelming. 

Where next? How bad? How long? Who can you rely on? How will your organization – your partners, supply chain, customers, employees, results – be impacted? How should you respond?

To be equipped to build your Leaders, register now for our Exclusive webcast happening this 24th of February
Who should attend: Anyone who is in charge of building your organization’s Leaders with the skillset, mindset and toolset to survive and thrive amidst the changes.

Date and Time: 24th of February 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM GST 

Platform: Zoom

In this 90-minutes session we will discuss:

  • The current realities and their impact on organizations
  • Leadership and change
  • Uncertainty avoidance and the impact on innovation and bureaucracy 
  • A paradigm-shift about leadership that can change the game
  • A principle-based leadership approach 
  • How can leaders transform their organizational landscape